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Gift Ideas for Poor Creative Souls (13)

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Painting stones has to be one of the cheapest forms of art and a wonderful way to give someone an inexpensive but thoughtful gift.  I have collated a great selection here which I hope you will like and will feel inspired by.

Painted stones also make great paper weights or you could use them as place settings for a wedding party.

All you need to do is collect a few pebbles, get out your acrylic paints and then varnish your stones to protect them.

Have fun!

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Gift Ideas for Poor Creative Souls (12)

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Summer Lights Garland

I loved this idea and who would not love to receive this pretty gift.  With summer around the corner this would look amazing on a terrace on a warm summer's night when socialising with friends.  It is very simple to make and the materials are minimal.

What you need:

string of LED lights with white wire (regular lights may get too hot)
plastic drinking cups
patterned paper of your choice
double sided tape
craft knife

1. Cut apart one plastic cup and flatten it out.  Trace the flattened out cup onto a piece of paper to make your template.  Make as many shade cut outs as you will need to cover each bulb on your string of lights.

2. Using double sided tape, stick one end of the shade to a cup.  Add another piece of tape to the other end and then wrap the card around the cup ensuring that the ends meet neatly.  Repeat until all cups are covered.

3. Use a pencil to mark an X in the center on the bottom of the cups.  Then use a craft knife to cut carefully.  This is where the bulb will go through so do not make it too big or the cups will slip off.  Repeat for all cups.

Tutorial courtesy of HeyGorgeous

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Gift Ideas for Poor Creative Souls (11)

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So you know the hole punch you used for the last idea?  The paint swatch chandelier? Well, you can use the same paper punch for this little project.  This is really going to add some pazazz to your gifts.  Watch their faces light up when you give them this.

All you need is:

large circle paper hole punch
small hole punch
colorful paper or card, even glossy magazines could be used
wrapped gift

1. Punch your circles from any colorful paper or card you have.

2. Punch a small hole in the center of each circle.

3. Thread your ribbon through this small hole.

4. Continue with as many circles as you would like to add, 3 or 4 looks nice.

5. Scrunch them together so they sit side by side.

6. Attach to your gift.

How simple is that?

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