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C. S. Lewis

Constant Improvement

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Every artist strives for constant improvement.  Our aim is for each picture to be better than the one before, to learn something new from each project and to make people happy with the finished result.


Not always.  Some projects are a dream, some are a battle but if we learn something from each one then nothing is wasted.

Some artists fill journals and sketchbooks with studies and sketches or mini paintings.  I just launch into a project and see what happens.  Sometimes it works and other times it doesn't.

My work has evolved so much since I started sharing it with everyone.   I used to work mainly in abstract - exploring texture and colours.  Then I booked a last minute exhibition with too little finished work to show so I set myself a challenge to produce 30 pieces of art in 30 days. ...I did it and.....sfomewhere in there I discovered that I loved drawing animals.

I have not stopped since.

Today I was going to take some drawings to be mounted and framed and came across some of my old drawings in my portfolio.  I realised how far I have come since those first images.

That was then

This is now

That was then

This is now

My work has become much finer and more refined in the past 3 years.  I have learned that practice leads to improvement, I have learned how to blend colours better and create more depth and texture in my drawings.  I have learned that simple things like good pencils and a decent sharpener make all the difference to any work.  I have learned what every one of my pencils do and how to make that work for me.  I have learned and improved but there is still plenty room for improvement.

The drawings take a lot longer to complete but I think that it is worth it.  I am glad I kept the old work, it is good to compare and see the progress and improvement I have made.  I would love to hear your comments or your experiences so please share :)

Reading Into Tomorrow

Posted by: Paul A Reeves

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Paul A Reeves

Reading Into Tomorrow - Oil on canvas.

I was experimenting with painting using only very few colours and using colour to express mood. I had this painting in mind to reflect on the issue of the energy crisis in the future. How much are we dependent on electrical technology for communication and entertainment. Try going just one day without using anything electrical whatsoever. It’s not as easy as it sounds. Where would you be without your iphone, or your Kindle, or you computer? I have to admit, I’m not sure I’d like it myself.



The character in the painting is a self portrait. I’ve often used myself for many of my paintings, even if the characters are physically different, I still find myself an inexpensive and readily available model when I need such reference. I do enjoy using and painting other people when I get the opportunity.


Here I am while I was working on, Reading Into Tomorrow.


Prints of Reading Into Tomorrow, can be seen and purchased here, along with many others. Paul Reeves Art

And here. Paul Reeves Art

Poppies And Remembrance

Posted by: Paul A Reeves

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Paul A Reeves

I really wanted to try something a little different for these paintings. My background and training is in Scientific and Technical drawing, and many of my paintings, particularly my earlier ones, I have focused a great deal of effort into very intricate detail and perspective accuracy. I still focus a great deal of effort into my work and I have been developing and still exploring a much more distinctive style, which I am very happy with.


Poppies In The Wind - Acrylic on canvas.


I felt like trying to create an impressionist style of painting, and focus more on capturing an emotion as well as freezing an image in time. I do paint a lot of surreal paintings, and even my figurative work, I try to capture an emotion as well as an image, but with these new paintings I wanted the emotion to be the focus of attention.


Storm In The Poppies - Acrylic on canvas.


I have created quite a few paintings on the subject of war, and the damage it causes, but here I wanted to pay respect to those who have picked up arms in order to secure a privileged future for the rest of us. I hope I’ve managed to do that.


Prints of Poppies In The Wind, & Storm In The Poppies, can be seen and purchased here, along with many others. Paul Reeves Art

And here. Paul Reeves Art




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