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Customer Satisfaction

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Some time ago I had an order from a customer who has a Lavender Farm in North Carolina.  She wanted a welcome plaque and a set of gift tags for an opening day. It was postponed and meanwhile, she ordered some more things, including a chicken feather tree. I'm absolutely delighted that not only did she write to thank me but she also posted pictures of their opening day to show off my things. It's not often that I get to actually see where my creations end up so I'm thrilled to be able to share this.


This is the welcome to sunshine lavender farm plaque I painted. It was made of an old wooden chopping board. Annie found a metal stand that seemed to be made for it.


My lavender gift tags were used as tree decorations. So pretty.


One of my chicken feather trees.

You can find out more about Sunshine Lavender Farm here.

What does creativity mean to some of us?

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Creativity is essential to some people, and it is to me.  Can you imagine someone tying your hands behind your back while you are sitting at your work table or canvas or partially made sculpture?

Even if they leave a TV on in the room, it would be considered extreme cruelty.


I believe that if you could not use your hands you would have beautiful colors and forms passing in front of the lens in your head.  Could we remain occupied with only this?  

I think we do what we have do despite any constraints, there would always be art for an artist." 


 Yellow Orbs in Fine Silver





For the love of Photography

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Thank you Totalartsoul

 For giving me another place to share what I enjoy doing. having grown up in Central NY. I grew up loving the outdoors. I didn't have alot of friends although I did play sports.  And most of the time I kept to myself. 


  I got in photography, by shootings sports photos for the school yearbook. To be honest, the editor at the time encouraged me to shoot as much as I could. In the end it was a camera that would go on my walks with me. As my love of being outdoors grew, so did my knack for taking lovely images.  I soon found myself, when not working for my Dad . Down by one of our local rivers. The school's camera in hand. I kept shooting, enjoying more and more the love and appeal of nature.


 I fell in love with the nature work of my mentor  Mr John Shaw ( his website) 


I encourage any photographers  and or lovers of Nature to check out his site !!






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