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" I am only a child playing on the beach, while vast oceans of truth lie undiscovered before me "
Isaac Newton

Something new...

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Good Morning

My name is William. I'm an Outdoor, Nature photographer based in Suffolk UK. I love all things art, I'm the happiest when chating with creative people!



 Some of my photography 


Find me on Twitter... wgwatsonphoto  Please say hello !!!




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The Celturian
Everything around us wherever we look we see with our eye and this transmits images so sharp and clear has a result of this we gather and collect information and store in our minds the wonders around us, our creativty starts and inspiration to expose our very soul in displaying our ideas whether in a drawing on a canvas or in in music. Expression is a tool we use so often, I like to express myself in music as an open voice from the soul in transmitting my energies in how I want to get my message across, relaxing tones soft warm sounds ambience fills the air, one comes to realise the beauty in it. Let us express ourselves in every form we can taking nature and a spirit of self acheivement to its heights, who knows the boundaries the possabilities in what can be conveyed, we have the moment we have the adventure we have the spirit we have soul. TC

New Pointillist Here!

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Hello all!  I'm a new artist to Total Art Soul.  I thought I'd take a moment to introduce myself.  My name is Denise Landis.  I live in the desert state of Arizona in the USA.  My studio is called Landisworks as is all my art.  My specialty is painting in a Pointillism style.  I've practiced Pointillism for many years and have blossomed into what I call "Modified Pointillism".  I typically use large dabs of paint verses small dots these days.  I incorporate musical rhythms into my working environment to keep a steady beat going in my dabbing process.  Love it!

You can also see my works on my professional webpage and read more about my creative thoughts and process on my blog and if you also incorporate dots in your own art or just simply like pointillism, why not join the new Pointillism Art Group on Facebook?

Thanks for this opportunity to meet new artists around the world!




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