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Our house in the snow

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Meet the rest of the Family

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Here's our 3 hooligans who rule the roost. In fact, I'm sure we're living in THEIR house!

Meet Bean, our female. She was dropped off at our house the night before the owner left the country. I think she was made to live outdoors and once experienced being inside, no longer wanted to go out. We spent 6 months coaxing her out but she would always cry and run back in. Now she's very confident and adores being out and climbing trees.

This is Oscar. We also have his brother Herbie. They were found at 1 week old and brought into a refuge. I adopted them and had to bottle feed them. As you can see, Oscar is cross-eyed which is very cute. He's our Zen cat although he's also an amazing hunter and catches rabbits bigger than himself. He eats the entire thing and then sleeps for 3 days, just like a snake!

This is Herbie, brother of Oscar. He's definitely the clown of the house and always up to mischief. He has a very expressive face and although he looks grumpy, he's incredibly friendly. He went missing yesterday but we found him rolled up inside a blanket. He's the master at hiding.


Posted by: joe

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This is a picture of the lake near us, really beautiful




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