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Gift Ideas for Poor Creative Souls (21)

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I saw this idea a few times on the Martha Stewart site and I would really like to make these as stocking stuffers this Christmas.  It seems like such an easy thing to do and would really take no longer than baking a cake.  I have some lovely old jars that I could place these in too which would really make it a lovely gift for someone.


Baking soda
Citric acid
Spritzer bottles
Food coloring
Glass bowl
Essential oil
Baking molds

1. Sift 1 3/4 cup baking soda, 1 cup citric acid, and 2 cups cornstarch through a sieve to remove chunks. To make different tints, fill small spritzer bottles with water and add about 6 drops of food coloring to each.

2. Pour 1 cup of powdered mixture into a glass bowl. Lightly spritz, stirring after each spritz, until powder is desired color. Add water slowly, so mixture does not fizz. If mixing two tints, alternate colors as you spritz. Check the consistency of powder with your fingers; when it can be tightly packed or shaped, stop spritzing (this may take a little while).

3. Select an essential oil. Add 5 drops if it's one of the stronger scents (peppermint, lavender), 6 if it's a weaker one (lemon, grapefruit). Mix well. Firmly pack mixture into small baking molds. We used 1/4 cup for each fizzy, which is good for one bath. Allow mixture to set for 2 hours, then pop out carefully. Repeat with different tints for remaining powder.



If you wanted to have a different shape, you simply just need to use a different mold, like ice-cube molds.

This would give you a different way of being able to package them, like putting them in jars.


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Craft Ideas for Poor Creative Souls (20)

Posted by: Cathy

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Key Fob French Style

Living in France means that I get to find all kinds of lovely old objects.  Old keys seem to be everywhere here and I've never really known what to do with them until now.  Photocopying them seemed to work well and from this, you can use the image to découpage just about anything.

Materials Needed:

- old bits of wood (the more weathered, the better)
- saw
- PVA glue (Hodge Podge)
- scissors
- drill
- string or ribbon
- brass eyelets (optional)
- printed images of old keys (see templates below)
- varnish

1. Print off your key images in black and white. (sepia would look good too) and cut them out carefully.

2. Cut your key fobs from your old wood whichever size you want.  Mine are 10cms x 6cms. I've cut mine with a point at one end but you could just cut rectangles.

3. Drill a small hole at one end for your string or ribbon to fit through. I have added brass eyelets but this is not strictly necessary.

4. Glue your key images onto your key fobs and leave to dry.

5. Varnish with at least 2 layers of varnish, 3 is better.

That's it!  You're done!  Now you have some great unique gifts.



Print these off if you don't have your own old keys to photocopy.

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Gift Ideas for Poor Creative Souls (19)

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Twig Heart

I loved making this.  It was super quick and the end result was just lovely.  I've made a few of these and given them as gifts which have delighted friends and family.  They look lovely hanging from a door or standing on a shelf.

Materials Needed:

* dogwood or hazel twigs
* new shoots
* florist wire
* secateurs
* raphia

Cut your twigs and try to use them soon after you cut them as they will be more supple that way and less likely to break.  Dependent on how large you wish your heart to be, cut 10 equal lengths of your twigs.

1.  Take 5 of the twigs and bend them into a U-shape, taking care they do not break.  Do the same with the other 5 twigs.


2.  Hold the 2 bunches of twigs perpendicular to create a heart shape.  Attach the areas where the twigs cross over with the florist wire.



3.  Close up the heart at the bottom with the florist wire.  Once the heart is well formed, you can re-inforce the different points with more wire.


4.  Add the young shoots to the heart to bulk it out and attach with the wire in the same areas as before.

5.  To finish, hide the wire with raphia so that it is completely covered.

Have fun!


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