Gift Ideas for Poor Creative Souls (8)

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This one is truly a great idea.  I defy anyone not to be able to make these. It requires virtually no skills, you can find the stones on your next walk or in the garden and it will cost you virtually nothing.

Now is the time to make these as it would be a great for the kids to be involved in collecting and painting the stones but they could also play with these outside during the summer months.

If you're giving these as a gift, you could put them in a simple organza bag or run up a little bag made of burlap which would compliment the stones beautifully.

Materials needed:
- 28 flat stones
- black and white acrylic paint
- varnish
- paintbrush
The pieces that make up the domino set you can find here.

Paint your stones with the black paint so that they are well covered.  Let dry thoroughly.  Now start adding your dots and lines according to the chart from the link above with the white paint.  Once this is really dry, varnish all your stones to make them last a super long time.

Now just have fun!

You can find the domino rules here.

Images courtesy of Craftberry Bush


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written by Variya, August 04, 2011
AHHH! these are awesome Cathy!!

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