How to make a nunofelted scarf

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Today I want to show You how I make a nunofelted shawl. I warn you it is a lot of work, but at the end you'll have a wonderfull shawl.

This is what you need:

  • (chiffon) silk

  • wool

  • soap

  • water

  • 2 pieces of bubble wrap where the scarf fits in.

  • blind/ beachmat

your hands you can use a spray bulb or a bottle, with holes in the lid, but you can also do this with your hands. Step 1: Lay out the bubble wrap  (A) on a table, take the silk (mine was 180cm x 55cm ) and make it wet with only cold water. Step 2.: Make sure there aren't any wrinkles in the silk. Now you can start laying out the wool fibres. You can start in the middle, but I wanted to have a felted edge so I used 2 layers of wool at the edges. These layers are cross -wise placed upon each other.

Step 3: Place wool on the silk there where you want it. You can make what ever you want: leaves, flowers, figures, abstract, etc. Just note that the fewer wool you place on the silk, the harder it will shrink and more wrinkles will appear after felting.

Step 4: Now make everything wet with soap and cold water, make sure you use enough water as the wool need to be totally wet.

Step 5: Place the second piece of bubble wrap (B) upon the wool and put some water/ foam on it and gently start pushing all the air out of the wool. No circular movements!!!!!!

Step 6: As I want the edges to be a bit thicker as 2 layers wool, I fold it double so I get 4 layers of wool. Therefor I fold over both  bubblewraps with the silk and wool inside. After that I carefully remove the bubblewrap (A) and fold over the wool. When I am finished with this edge, I place the bubble wrap back on it and turn the whole packet back.. Now I start it all over on the other  3 sides.

Step 7: After all the edges are folded over I make sure there's soap and water everywhere on the wool and very very gently start rolling the wrap with the silk and wool up. To make sure my wrap doesn't unfold as long as I am rolling it I secure it with 3 pieces of thread.  The rolling should be done about 500 times , unroll it , and uproll the other side in. Try to do this after every 50 times.

Step 8: After about 300 times You can check if the wool comes through at the back side of the silk. If you see "hairs coming through you can now roll on with a bit harder  material as bubble wrap. I use a beachmat made of "raffia". Still keep on rolling, opening, rolling etc. till about 500 times.

Step 9: If you have done it well, now you can see the scarf starting to get shorter and maybee also starts wrinkling again. Make sure you have some  hot or boiling water. The wool is now ready to get a shock, so it shrinks. I put my shawl in a bowl and put the hotwater on it. Try to get it out and aggitating the shawl, by letting it fall down on the table. Note: Wear a plastic apron and you'll be dry......

Step 10 Squeese all most of the water out and start hitting the shawl to the table, start gently , airy, after 50-100 times with more pressure and at the end even slamming.  When you are satisfied with the result of shrinkage, wrinkles,etc. you stop the slamming.

Step 11: Rinse out all soap. Use in your last rinse bath a bit of vinegar so it neutralises the soap and sets the color and let dry completely.

Enjoy your shawl!!!!

ps. 1 On my personal blog I have this post with more pictures: 
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written by mlpjewelrydesigns, August 20, 2011
Thanks for sharing
written by viltalakim, September 08, 2011
you are welcome!!

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