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This relates more to my work as an artist, but applies to everyone I think.

 I take my digital camera everywhere with me, poor thing, and it's amazing the variety of things I've seen over the last year or so that have inspired me in some way.  I snap everything- textures in bark, in sand, animals, landscapes, and as well as providing me with a rich pool of images to work from whenever I'm feeling stuck, it means I'm always looking around me.

It's easy to miss so much and if, like us, you find it hard to take time out, a walk with a camera not only gives you the perfect excuse, but makes you stop and really take note of things you may otherwise have passed by.

You don't need anything fancy if you're just playing, I use a little point and shoot I bought cheaply years ago, and I've got to say, it owes me nothing. Someday I'll get a better one for product shots, but my little lumix will live on in my bag, keeping me supplied with information, inspiration and no end of amusement.


Happy snapping :)


Karen and Rich

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written by Cathy - Admin, April 23, 2010
Oh wow! Lovely photos! These are really wonderful and a real treat on the site. smilies/smiley.gif

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