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Since creating this site on 1st January, I have been quite amazed at the level of talent here.  Many of the members have had a real impact on how I think about my art.  I have become hungry again to try different things and have awakened my interest in developing further as an artist. 

MightyFineArt has inspired me to go back to basics and start to draw again. I did my first pencil drawing in years which I hope he will give me feedback on later once it's finished. 


GrinGrimaceAndSqueak have really inspired me in the way they work. They're attitude to their business and how they market themselves.  I never feel at any time that they are pushing things too much and they inject just the right amount of humor so that you cannot forget them. Their series of blogs of recipes for starving artists is inspired. So simple but a wonderful idea which drives much traffic to their profile page.

MickeyArtGlass has inspired me for the fact that he does an art form which I have long admired.  Glass has fascinated me for a long time and I could stand and watch people blow glass all day.  I particularly like that he makes hummingbird feeders. I adore birds and nature so this appeals to me. It's just a pity that her in France we are not likely to ever see a hummingbird! He's also a very approachable guy who is always willing to participate in discussions and impart information.

CatSalterArt has inpired me for her pure drive to paint every day! She has motivated me into more creative action. I'm full of admiration for someone who is so disciplined.

CarolChretien inspired me into thinking more about the light I need to inject in my paintings.  It's something I have struggled with.  Some of her botanical paintings seem to actually glow. I don't know how she does it. I must try harder!

There are a few more of you who have inspired me in different ways but I'll keep that for another blog! :-)


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written by gringrimaceandsqueak, March 26, 2010
Cathy. We've got to say, asides from thanks obviously, that being part of Total Art Soul gives us that same inspiration and drive. You have achieved exactly what you set out to do, create a real community of creative people, whos passions and inspirations serve, not only to drive them, but through this site, drive everyone. I think we can all say that we are infinitely blessed to be a part of this. Perhaps one of the greatest individual peices of creation we've come across. A true Catalyst for Total Art Souls!

This will be proven when we all move in with Mickeyartglass smilies/smiley.gif

Karen and Rich
written by Susan, March 26, 2010
Cathy, you inspire all of us! If we aren't connected, we will drop to the lowest common denominator of our abilities. Being together, sharing and viewing each other's work, keeps us all in peak form.

So glad I'm on your list!
written by cathy, March 27, 2010
Grinnie, you really do always cheer me up. smilies/smiley.gif When we had the idea for this site, I wondered if it was a bit idealistic but in fact it has exceeded my expectations. I'm just so happy you're all getting something out of being here too.

Susan, grinnie jokes about starting a commune at Mickey's but it makes the point you make, that being connected with others is vital for nourishing our souls.

Now I think we need a group hug! smilies/grin.gif
written by lindabutterfly, March 27, 2010
Beautiful tributes.
written by inkyspider, March 29, 2010
It is a lovely and gracious thing to acknowledge those who have inspired you. Thanks for sharing with us.

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