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So, you have caught me doing my very first blog.  It's rather intimidating.  First, and foremost, I have never considered myself a writer in any sense of the word; second, why waste the time mulling my thoughts on paper when I'd rather be in the studio painting?

I promise nothing in this.  If you find yourself still reading this, should I apologize in advance?

Last night, I got into a brief Twitter discussion with another artist and it lead to some rather deep introspection of myself as an artist and what it means to be an artist.  I am not going to go into really deep psychoanalysis about my thoughts at this time... mainly because it will just be a wonderful excuse to quit doing this, and secondly, I think I just need to take baby steps.

So, where did this discussion lead? Well, it started with my ponderings on why pears are such a prevalent subject matter in art?  I mean really, why?  Of course, in all my years of painting, I've never painted a pear.  The woman I was chatting with, did one, and now is obsessed with pears.  Her avatar is one of her painted pears.  We never did discuss the deep conscious/subconscious reasons for this obsession, but it did pique my interest enough to experiment myself.

I have absolutely no question in myself that I am quite capable of painting a lovely pear.  I do question what I will get out of it.  I will report, as necessary, as soon as I start.

Another topic that was broached was the Bravo show - Work of Art, the  Next Great Artist.

Maybe I am just a complete ignoramus as an artist, but I was completely fascinated with the program... as long as you look past the forced melodrama and narcissism.  I am the first to accuse myself of not painting/creating outside of the box.  I've had enough negative things happen in my life... I just don't really feel like doing a postmortem on it.  I want to paint beauty, so I paint beauty.  Where has that gotten me?  Nowhere, really.

On the show, there were subject matters that have NEVER crossed my mind to explore.  Geez, I guess I should have paid a little more attention in my studies back in college... but I was always daydreaming.

I guess the point I'm trying to make is that I think I really really need to start pushing my own boundries and really truly start exploring art.  Wow, even as I type that, I start having a panicky feeling creep in around the edges.  Hmmmm, now I really need to push myself.

Soooooo... I'm off.

To be continued.... :-)


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written by thornwoodstudio, September 07, 2010
Good blog, nothing like honest articulate writing. Best thing ever happened to my art was a painting weekend given to me as a birthday gift......chucked me right out of my familiar,comfortable rut and into a far more expressive adventure.

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