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little boy watercolor painting

Watercolor with touches of gesso on Arches CP 140lb, 9×12″. Reference photo is Sandra‘s grandson, Oliver. The photo she sent me said “Oliver with rainbow,” hence the background :)

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young girl with flower in her hair watercolor painting

Watercolor on Canson Montval CP 140lb, 9×12″. Isabella is a 7 year old girl I met at one of the Barstow Harvey House Market Days. She likes to make art, and yesterday she participated in the market as an artist. Take a look at her booth:

I think she pretty much sold out by the end of the day…Unlike me :) (we did make the space fee and the babysitter back, plus a little more that we spent on food and stuff). I bought one of her paintings, too. It depicts Joseph wearing his multicolored robe while his mean brothers sneer at him. I’ll put it up in Elijah’s room.

Isabella's painting

More posts are coming, I promise :) . Life with a 1 year old has been a little hectic recently – but I’m still sticking to my 206-portraits plan. After doing it for two weeks, however, I realized that 30-minute rule does not work for me very well. I usually end up spending an extra 10-20 minutes getting the painting where I want it to be. So, my new time limit is an hour or less. I still think it’s important to keep an eye on the clock for these quick studies, since one of my goals is to get faster.


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girl on the swing watercolor painting

Watercolor and AJ watercolor sticks on Canson Montval CP 140lb, 9×12″. Reference photo is the daughter of Sandra‘s friends (which means somebody actually did send me a photo to work from! ;) ). It is so much more interesting than browsing through pictures of complete strangers. So send me your photos please! :) (watercoloredhands AT

Working on this one was a bit hard. I rarely do faces expressing a strong emotion and this was a reminder that I need to do more of them.

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