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All Feathered Up and Ready To Fly!

Posted by: silverlaced

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Hi every one! I am new to this site but I am not new to blogging. I have to admit I fell off the "blogging wagon" for a bit, but I am ready to commit myself again. Art is a huge part of my life, although I have a full time job and two gorgeous daughters, and a husband, I rarely find the time to tend to my arts and crafts but I still pride my self in bieng able to create something out of anything!

I am easily inspired, and I sometimes get obsessed and go crazy with and idea and i sometimes start new projects before I finish an old one, but in the end I am happy with my work.

Right now I am feather crazed! I just opened a new shop called myfeatheredfancy on Etsy and within the first two days I got two sales. It features, feather extension clips, hair clips and sticks, purse charms, and boutonniere style pins, and I am very pleased alo to announce that I was asked to make several of my boutonnire pieces for a wedding next September! Yay!

I am attending a holiday bazaar this November and I will feature for the first time, along with my jewelry and paintings, I will be happy to share with everyone how it went. So please check me out on Etsy, follow me on Twitter, talk to me, let me know what you think, and share with me your work!

Theatre and Art combined

Posted by: Aitch


I have always been a slow worker, methodical and careful with whatever task I take on. Therefore my latest project has been some time coming, but I'm finally at the stage where I can start talking about it.

As I've been a member of a local amateur dramatic society for the past 20 years, and actively involved in the running of said society, I have often thought about holding an art exhibition at the theatre. However, I have never held one previously because I'm not sure the venue is right for an art exhibition as such. In September I began seriously re-thinking my idea. I needed a theme. I also needed a date to work towards, otherwise I would just keep on thinking the idea rather than getting on with it.

Whilst I was creating a treasury on Etsy, I suddenly thought "I wonder how many people in Hull, East Yorkshire are actually crafters on here". So I did a search for all the "Local Shops" and added each one to my list of favourite shops, also sending them a message to say I'd done so and how we should support each other. I got replies from most of them eventually, and bit by bit my idea has developed into a definite plan - although I have to admit it has been spurred on by another local event which I believe we will mutually benefit from. The church in Bilton, St. Peter's, is hosting a Christmas Tree Festival on the weekend of 4th & 5th December, and on Sunday 12th December. Bilton Amateur Dramatic Society have been invited to decorate a tree based on the theme of our organisation. I will be largely responsible for this, so I thought it was a good idea to hold a Christmas Craft Fair at our theatre on the same weekend - 4th & 5th December. We happen to have 6 tables under the stage area that are 6ft by 2ft trestle tables, which we will be hiring out to "Local" Etsy sellers. So far I have got at least 4 other artisans joining me and I am currently creating booking forms, conditions and posters etc.  I will update you as and when I get replies from everyone I have contacted, but for now I just thought I'd share my latest project as it will ensure I forge ahead with it! Also, I'm learning how the ideas pop up the more I plan it - I am hoping one or two exhibitors will do a demonstration of their work on the day, too.

Full details to follow Smile



I've been planning these lovelies for a little while, and I'm so excited to finally share them!  Gold and Silver Salacia earrings, with gold Niobium and silver Titanium options.  Pure bliss.  These were inspired by Poseidon the god of the sea from Greek mythology and named for his wife - Salacia (Amphitrite in the Greek).  A fair amount of my design inspiration comes from the glorious stories in Greek mythology.  I have always loved the adventure, tragedy, and romance this rich literature has to offer.  I began reading it in high school, and continue today, some stories are new to me, others I read again and again.  The gorgeous button pearls began the sea motif for these pieces, and the draped chain reminds me of a goddess emerging from the sea.  The white pearls with gold and silver each compliment so beautifully, and are incredibly luxurious!

Gold Salacia - Niobium Pearl Earrings

Silver Salacia - Titanium Pearl Earrings

Now as an extra bonus in this post here is a sneak peek at another new set available soon at Variya




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