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Why I Love My Hands

Posted by: TashaChawner

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I love my hands because
they are creative hands.  Hands that can provide women with beautiful jewellery that delights their eyes.  Hands that doodle and draw, that paint and cut and colour.

I love my hands because they hold the hands of my children.  Walking along or simply sitting, we link fingers and are one again.

I love my hands because they hold up the book I am reading and turn its pages.  My books are my escape, my sanctuary from the everyday.

I love my hands because they hold my camera.  Seeing the world in detail is a delight - and to capture that image forever is a thing that brings me joy.

I love my hands because my nails are growing strong.  Which tells me that I am in good health - and after being in only so-so health for so long - makes me very, very happy.

Why do you love your hands?

Moon Light Photography

Posted by: artisabella

Tagged in: photography


Creating Moon Light Photography

Moon light photography is a pretty interesting form of low light photography that I stumbled upon recently.  It is interesting because the colors that come out of it are true color without the sun's yellow rays.  Also, the shadows are really neat.

This one was on the golf course I live on in October.  It was one of the brightest moons in a long time.

These are clouds in the sky in the same shoot.

Creating moon light photography requires a full moon or near full moon. It isn't as easy as it seems.  There are some requirements for this type of photography.  First, a digital SLR camera with manual controls of F stop and shutter speed control.  One needs to experiment to get the right combo. Hence, a tripod is necessary. You must stay up late or wake up in the middle of the night when the moon is overhead in the sky. Focusing is hard to do in the dark.

This week I shot some more shots this week:

The shadows here are more prevalent.


Good Luck!

A Time to Reflect

Posted by: bbrunophotography


So I've been crawling out of bed much earlier these days and greeting the day early, right around the time goldfinches and sparrows perch on treetops to warm their feathers.  It's a magical time of day - sacred, even - and I'm growing to love it more each morning.

I sit on my patio surrounded by all the morning sounds: birdsong, gentle breeze, and an occasional car engine responding to a turned key.  I sip my cup of coffee, think about all the ways God has blessed my life, and just breathe in the beauty all around me. Life is sweet, and I feel grateful to have a supportive family, work I love, and friends who understand that us creative types are wired a little differently. Laughing

What's your favorite time of day to just sit and reflect?




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