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Are We There Yet?

Posted by: artbyjude

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I was having a conversation with a friend of mine the other day and it prompted me to think about the journey I have begun.  When is it exactly I can call myself an artist?  Not a budding artist, not an amateur artist, but you know, a 'real' artist.  In other words, AM I THERE YET?

I've pondered this question long and hard which has developed into more questions.  Do you become an artist when you've had a number of years experience?  Do you become an artist when you sell your first piece of artwork?  Do you become an artist when you're lucky enough to have a gallery recognise your work?  The list is possibly endless.

If someone had asked me "What do you do?", the question would have just stumped me.  I would have hesitated, stumbled and tripped over my words ..... which, as a Gemini and a lover of communication, would come as a shock to most people :-).

So what has been stopping me from saying it?  Could I, in a group of like minded people, stand up as if I was at an AA meeting and say ...... I'M JUDE ROBINSON AND I AM AN ARTIST and repeat it like a mantra?  The thought has embarrassed me if I'm truthful because I haven't felt worthy of that title.

Examining my own thought processes, I believe what has prevented me from saying 'I am an Artist' is observing and studying the work of the many fantastic artists I have the pleasure of knowing since I began my journey.  I am literally in awe of their creativity and often think, I could never be as good as that.

All that said, I've had to give myself a firm talking to (is that the first sign of madness?).  As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder isn't it.  What may be brilliant artwork to one person, may not be to the taste of another.

I will be attending my first meeting with a fabulous group of women called Network With Style on Wednesday of this week at a location in Shropshire, UK.  At the beginning, it will entail me standing up in front of the group and telling them what I do.

So I have forced myself to come to this conclusion.  I've decided that despite my career taking me down lots of different and mostly fabulous roads, even though I only started this artistic journey about 4 months ago, MY HEART HAS ALWAYS BEEN IN ART.  Maybe that should be another mantra :-)

I am determined, from now on, to say to everyone and to myself as this journey continues without a destination, and to say the same to all my fellow creative souls who are struggling with the same question ..... YES WE ARE ARTISTS ..... YES WE'RE THERE :-)


Jude xxx




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