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So I’m done with two commissioned portraits (oh the feeling of a completed project! :) ) – the sleeping baby and the Icelandic lady. I was working on both at about the same time and it was interesting to compare. First of all, the baby is practically a life size painting – 11 x 14.5″, and the woman’s portrait is 9×12″ – tiny , her whole head was maybe 2 inches! The thing is, working big is easier than working small. Most of you who paint will probably say, “Duh!” – but it’s just one of those epiphanies that come to you only from personal experience (how else would you explain the fear of a full watercolor sheet?) And working big and small at the same time is a good way to figure it out.

Here’s a step by step sequence of pictures of the baby portrait, minus the drawing stage. Starting with a preliminary sketch:

Cash - initial sketch, watercolor in LamaLi sketchbook


A couple of things happened since my last post. First of all, we participated our first real art fair last weekend – Carlsbad Art in the Village. Here’s the poster with my “Cherry Blossom II” on it :) :

Unlike with our local markets and swaps, we actually had expectations for this one. It was supposed to show whether or not we are ready for large regional events and whether it is worth paying $200+ to participate. Well, when it comes to generating interest and attracting visitors, I think we are ready. A lot of people stopped by. It is the beauty of an art-dedicated event: all who come there come for the art. It was great to have an “audience” with a genuine interest in and appreciation of my work and art in general.

When it comes to sales…er…it wasn’t that good. We did make our money back with a very small profit on top which disappears when you count things like gas and food. We didn’t have to pay for a night’s sleep (our friends at Camp Pendleton were kind enough to let us stay with them AND they came to the show AND they bought an original painting and a print) or for childcare (my family was visiting and they were more than glad to watch the kid while chilling at the nearby beach). Still, we didn’t lose money, and that’s something, right?

Some of the highlights of the show:

  • being in Carlsbad. Perfect weather. Beautiful streets. Intelligent people. Don’t ask me why I moved to the high desert, it’s too prosaic…
  • seeing our friends and family who came to the show and made me feel special :)
  • the smell of the ocean! And almost getting soaked in cold water when I was sitting on the sand breastfeeding Elijah and didn’t notice a particularly strong wave sneaking up on us. We were saved by my husband :)
  • some comments people made…Like, coming from a dark-long-haired young man with a guitar, “All these colors…This is just too happy for me. I like Gothic…And why so many babies?” – the babies (five of them) are on the wall with examples of my portraits.
  • being a Yupo-evangelist. I even gave a little piece of Yupo to one lady.
  • a friend of ours buying an original painting. I didn’t feel like I was giving my baby away, but it was still very special. The painting is theCheeseburger in Paradise”, I mean, “Lahaina, Hawaii” ;)

For my husband’s review of the fair, go to

A few days before the fair, I was email-interviewed by Jennifer The Milk Mixer. Jennifer is an artist herself, and maintains a blog where she writes about creative people she meets. She found me through Twitter (@YevgeniaWatts) and liked my paintings. She asked me if she could feature me on her blog – and of course, I was all for it! You can read the mini-interview here.






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