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african woman watercolor painting

Watercolor on Canson Montval CP 140lb. No drawing. Took me around 40 minutes total, with a lot of distractions and interruptions. I REALLY do not appreciate being distracted when I paint :(

Reference image is a fantastic photo by Patrick Hedges from WetCanvas reference library. I wasn’t quite able to capture her expression, but it was worth a try.

watercolor portrait man

Watercolor and watercolor stick (American Journey Andrew’s Turquoise) on Canson Montval 140lb paper. 9×12″. 25+5 minutes. I liked working with a watercolor stick here. I used it in between watercolor washes, while the paint was drying.  Photo reference is Giorgio Bordin from Julia Kay’s Portrait Party, a physician, photographer and artist all-in-one.

The photo was black-and-white – which is perfect for making colors up :)

watercolor portrait mother

Watercolor on Canson Montval 140lb cold press paper, 9×12″. 20+15 minutes.

The reference photo is my mom holding my baby son. I think she actually looks more like me here, but then – I kinda look like my mom ;) . Not happy with the bottom half of her face…Kept going back to it and couldn’t get it quite right. But like I said to my husband today, that’s the advantage of a large project like this: I don’t care too much about one painting out of 206. Even if I only get 1 out of 10 right, I will still have 20 good paintings in the end!




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