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" People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it "
George Bernard Shaw
Featured Artist - KarinSF - Clothes Designer
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Karin has been a very active member of our site so I've got to know a bit about her and what she does. She is a European native who has settled in an oasis of culture on the west coast, US. She has experience as a couturier, specializing in bridal gowns but is currently moonlighting as a luxe accessories designer. This lady has many strings to her bow.

Her accessories are made to a high standard with attention to detail. She uses many different types of stitches, giving interesting textures.

Here are some of her things from her Etsy shop.






Karin's photography skills are also excellent as I think you'll agree. Her items really do pop out of the page and you can almost feel the textures.


You can give Karin custom orders, she is very approachable and flexible to follow your ideas. You can contact Karin through this site (registration is free) or you can find her on





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