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Featured Artist - Inkyspider aka Kootsac
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Inkyspider aka Kootsac has been a member of TAS almost from the beginning when we first launched on 1st January. We have very much enjoyed seeing her creations appearing in the gallery and her numerous forum posts. She is very committed to caring for the planet too which I admire.


If you were visiting her studio you would make your way up the stairs to the top of a funky old heritage house in a tiny village on a lake set in the mountainous Kootenay region of British Columbia. Perhaps you would notice the stacks of cloth, rich with earthy and bright colours, and a diverse array of patterns and images and wonder how she could make sense of this seeming disarray.



If you looked out the window you would see her inspiration. She grew up in South Africa where she earned a three year diploma in Fine Arts, with a focus on painting and print making techniques.


Recently she has taken a new direction, concentrating solely on the textile arts. She creates patterns and designs on fabric in a combination of traditional and innovative techniques, combining shibori, screen printing, dye, discharge dye and sewing techniques. She has recently returned to school to learn more about pattern drafting and clothing design.



Inky (as I affectionately call her) is inspired by nature, culture, pattern and geometry. Her garments and textiles have a universal, personal and tribal resonance. She likes to design garments and textiles that celebrate our cultural diversity and our connection to nature. She expresses this through vibrant and earthy colour, pattern, movement and texture. Many of the techniques and materials used in her textiles have roots in cultural traditions used worldwide. It is important to her that we preserve these traditions from cultural extinction so that we may


continue to expand on them with new innovations and personal expression.



She always uses natural fibers because they feel better on the body. She dyes, prints and paints her designs on organic cotton tee shirts, clothing and housewares. She uses natural fibers like silk, cotton, wool, linen and hemp. She enjoys deconstructing discarded jackets and coats and redesigning them. She finds these garments in thrift stores and garage sales and chooses them for their original design qualities, natural fabrics and hand tailoring techniques. She redesigns and constructs them and adds new linings and usually some accents of surface design techniques. She continues to move towards more organic fabrics and exploring natural source dyes.



Inkyspider takes custom orders and is a total delight so she would only be too happy if you sent her a message. You can find her re-usable food bags


and her wonderful textiles





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