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Erin "Eirewolf" Metcalf, is an artist living in California. She dabbles in several different mediums. but her specialty is polymer clay sculpture. She loves to create animals, faeries, and fantasy creatures of all kinds. All sculptures are OOAK (one of a kind), there will never be another piece exactly like it.

Most of her pieces emerge from my imagination. The world of fantasy has captured her imagination since childhood. She spent countless hours voraciously reading about Narnia, wrinkles in time, pit dragons, and moondancers. She loved the Serendipity books by Stephen Cosgrove and Robin James with their wonderful illustrations. She still loves all these books from her childhood, as well as more recent discoveries by such authors as Peter Beagle, David Eddings, Stephen Lawhead, Terry Brooks, Tad Williams, and of course, J.R.R. Tolkien. She believes these books helped instill in me a desire to create fantastical creatures.

Like many young girls, she was horse-crazy. She drew horses and unicorns constantly, as well as semi-equine creatures with multiple horns and wild markings. She thinks some of them were meant to be dragons, but back then everything ended up looking like horses. Thankfully she's improved since then, and branched out into things non-equine as well. Now her favorite subject matter is animals, both fantasy and reality-based. She also likes creating faeries, both humanoid and animal. She incorporates as much reality as she can into her fantasy creatures, and she incorporates a bit of whimsy in her "real" animals.

More of Erin's works can be found here. Erin is very approachable and happy to do custom work.



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