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Featured Arist Bonita Evans aka Svartr
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Svartr is one of the founder members of Total Art Soul and has shown us much support. After a break away from the site because of moving home, she is back with a vengeance. We're very happy to see that she is now creating truly beautiful digital images.

After nearly failing her computer science courses in high school, Bonita was determined to learn what she failed to grasp in those harrowing hours stuck in a classroom. When she got her first PC in 1994, she gutted the thing without much care if it would work after I put it all back together. That began her love affair with computers from a technical standpoint. She was finally 'cool' and ranked amongst those geeks she had such envy for in high school.

A good friend, who would later become her husband, introduced her to the world of social networking before the Internet was made publicly available. Her Bulletin Board System (BBS) featured ANSI artwork created by their art group. This was her first real bite into Digital Art and the passion has only grown since.

She is a self-taught Digital Artist. Her scope includes Photo-Manipulations, Fractal Art and 3D Modeling. She has used a wide range of programs from professional photo-editors to open-source and abandoned student projects. Her artistic focus changes quickly as she tries new things or re-learn old techniques. Right now, she's into Abstract and Mandalas... tomorrow, who knows?

All Bonita's images are available as canvas prints, framed prints or greetings cards from here.

Bonita is very approachable and is happy to take commissioned work.




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