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Love+Water Designs - New Opportunity for Artists
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Total Art Soul are happy to announce this great new opportunity for artists.  Love+Water Designs is a wonderful project that helps many different types of charities across the world.  By taking part in their project, you will not only help those in desperate need, but you will also have a chance of earning some cash AND receive exposure for your work. It's really a great thing to be involved in so we are happy to shout about it here on TAS.

Love+Water designs is a community-based site that holds weekly t-shirt design projects in order to raise awareness and money for charities and it's ready to launch!  You can now go and create your own profile on their site.  Simply go to their site and create your profile!

Based on the amazing community surrounding the blog, which features profiles of artists and charities everyday, the official Love+Water designs site will begin holding its weekly and monthly design projects this Friday 1st October 2010.

Every week, artists can submit their charity-inspired work to our site into the categories of Design, Photography and Wordage.
Throughout the week the L+W community (and world at large) will have the opportunity to vote on the designs they like best using our
interactive site.  At the end of each week, the top three designs are printed on limited-edition T-Shirts, the winning artists earn a cash
prize and receive great exposure, and we donate 15% of the profits from each shirt sold to the charity that inspired the design.

'We will also have a Featured Charity Project every month to help promote selected charities, donating 50% of the profits from all T-Shirts sold to that charity. Once you create a profile, our streamlined site will allow you to easily browse charities featured on the site and interact with community members, as well as your personal contacts, friends and family, in an effort to inspire Wearable Philanthropy.'

It’s such a great idea, with the potential for raising an incredible amount
of awareness as well as money for charities.  By having the community
members create shirts that have been inspired by charities is a genius idea,
said Brooke McMillan, Online Evangelist for Livestrong.

Scott Berkowitz, Founder and CEO of RAINN, echoes that sentiment. “This
has been such a difficult year for fundraising- not just for RAINN but
so many non-profit organizations have been hurt.  And so having a new
source of support like Love and Water Designs means a lot to us and will
help a great deal aswe try and keep the hotlines running so we can serve every

'We are ready to create a platform of greater social awareness where artists and non-artists can learn about and have a hand in the
incredible work being done on a daily basis across the world.  We want to prove that a large number of small donations adds up to a
significantly large donation, fast.  Join us in creating Wearable Philanthropy'. Every drop counts.

Alexis Fedor is the Founder of  Love and Water International and is very approachable should you have any questions at all.  You can also follow her on Twitter @LoveandWater




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