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Featured Artist - Kocharacha60 aka Cindy
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I had to feature Cindy's work for the simple reason that it just makes me happy every time I see it.  Looking at her portfolio it's reminiscent of an explosion in a paint factory!  There's color everywhere and her paintings are just joyous. 

Cindy is from California and is a Human Resources Manager. A little over a year ago Cindy rediscovered her love of art.  One of her major inspirations is an artist called Robin Maria Pedrero.  She loves the work so much that she has in fact started to collect it and now owns several of her works. 

Garden of Love by Robin Maria Pedrero

When she wants to be inspired to paint, she goes to what she refers to as my "Robin Maria Pedrero Wall" and receives energy and inspiration to begin her works. You will see her influence in her art.


Cindy would be glad to hear from you so feel free to send her a message here.

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