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Treasure Hunting Update

Posted by: Jennibellie

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So I said in my last post I would give an update on what I created with my treasures.  Well it has been a hectic week so I havent managed to do much but here is one:

As well as this journal I have made a couple more out of the antique postcards.  I have however this week managed to create a new blog so please check me out at, I have done a blog post on these and the last weeks creativity.

Treasure Hunting

Posted by: Jennibellie

Tagged in: vintage , treasure , postcards , metal , market , journal , haul , goodies , finds , ephemera , creating , books , art , antique , alter


So today I have been out and about treasure hunting and thought I would show some of my treasures and explain what I will do to transform them into my next creations.

I usually travel all over the UK searching for goodies (if my budget stretched to global I would be doing it EVERYwhere - french antique markets one day, cocktail in hand digging for shells and precious stones on the beach the next, bliss).  Boy I sound spoilt, it is not that I necessarily travel intentionally to scout, more that I'm lucky enough to go many places and can never resist the opportunity.

So here are my favourite finds of the day:

I didn't get the best price imaginable on these metal findings, but I improved my haggling skills a bit. They're going to be used on the front of my journals (I'm a journaling addict, art journaling inside and creating journals for others).  I may post once they have been cleaned and repurposed.

These vintage tins I found on a car boot stall of a guy that said he had about 800 recently delivered and all sat in his front room.  He left them there as he didn't think they would be popular! By the time I got there these were really the only good ones left.  I will be making books in boxes with these.

I'll just finish with these antique and vintage postcards.  They are all stamped and postmarked except for the one that is my ultimate find:

This is an antique postcard of my most favourite house in the world. If I had all the money imaginable and could only purchase one property it would be this one.  It is of what I call the 'cat house' because a cat sleeps in the flower bed in front of the house - I hardly would ever pass without seeing him snoozing there.  It is in Winchester (the old capital of the UK before London had the honour) in the Cathedral grounds and just through the arch you can see there is the house were Jane Austen lived and died.  I lived in Winchester 10 years ago to go to university and like everywhere I have lived miss it dearly - if you treasure hunt yourself you will know how fabulous it is to find something that is so personal to you too.

I love finding personal ephemera, well any ephemera really, I'm addicted to making art and journals with them - because they are already such unique items themselves they just add this individuality and history to your projects.  I'm currently creating a video on howto incorporate ephemera into your journaling so if you art journal or keep a written diary yourself they will be on my youtube channel in two parts if you're interested.

Finally I just want to say a big thank you to anyone who has read this blog entry - this is my first ever, on any site, and to be honest blogs scare the stuffing out of me so if you are a seasoned blogger I would really appreciate any comments you have for me - and don't be afraid to be critical on me, I can take it - or have a tub of hagen daaz ready and waiting in the freezer if not lol

Peace and Love to all




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