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Drawing Courage

Posted by: lindaisrael


Recently I have become friends with an online community that has a passion for art journaling. Well over a month ago when I was a guest artist on Jonathan Manning's (AKA Blade) show, I was asked to draw a cat. I was very nervous about drawing a cat, as I had never drawn one before! But the online community gave me the courage to draw a cat that night!

Reflecting back, I have not been a person who drew. Maybe a little when I was a child. When I was in High School I took one semester of Art and while I was in that class I didn't get a lot of encouragement. I have always been a crafter, someone that would make something out of various items, but not a person who could draw.

So on Saturday I was in the local hobby supply store and picked up a book: "Lee Hammond's Big Book of Drawing". I also picked up a sketch journal.

Last night I started reading the first few pages of the book, where the book teaches how to use graphing and then goes into shading.

One of the projects was to practice blending a sphere. I didn't have the suggested pencil so I used a charcoal pencil - soft and I didn't have the Tortillion for blending so I used a paper towel wrapped around a paint brush.

While this is my first attempt at drawing, I think I did pretty good!

My word of enCOURAGEment to you; go ahead pick up the paint brush, colored pencils, sewing needle, etc and create. It is never too late to learn something new. If you have the desire to learn you will find a way to succeed. If I can find drawing courage you can find the courage you need for anything you want to try.

What new artistic endeavor will you try? Please feel free to share with me.

Aspire to be Amazing!


The theme or challenge for this ATC (Artist Trading Card) was Primary Colors for the OFB ATC swap group. I chose to use a collage technique that I love because it uses up scraps that I have on hand...

So grab some scraps of papers and you can make one too even if you don't have all of the tools that I have!

The basic idea is to gather the colors you want to use as the foundation of your art. Since this was a Primary Colors theme I chose papers that were red, yellow and blue. Then I pulled out my rubber stamps and black ink and started over stamping on the paper. It didn't matter if the paper had a design or not, I was adding another texture to the paper.  Once I stamped all of the scraps I then cut the paper in to strips, and again the size or width of the strips didn't matter, this is a random design.

Once all of the strips were lined up I used carpet tape to adhere these into a design. If you don't have carpet tape a double sided tape would work, or you could just glue each piece down (which will take a little longer and you have to put glue on the entire strip of paper). Then after I got the tape filled with paper I filled in the spaces with glitter. I cut the piece down to the size I wanted the finished art to be and proceeded to embossing.

Embossing with regular powder is easy or even UTEE (to make the artwork shine). If you don't have either you could use Glossy Accents or Diamond glaze or other finishes that will dry clear and shinny, another favorite of mine Golden Gel medium in low and high gloss.

I created a video but for some reason totalartsoul isn't allowing it to show up but it can be viewed by clicking here.

Take this project and use it to make something out of your scraps or even your trash. It is a great projects for kids - use magazines or junk mail. Free items are great to use in art for kids! Could use a laminator or even packing tape to make the pieces shiny if making this project with kids..

Then let me know what you created. Leave a comment telling me about what you have done. How you changed up your project etc...

Just have fun! There is no right or wrong.



Gotta Have Faith

Posted by: lindaisrael

Tagged in: Watch Makers Tin , Tin , purple , Metal Heart , Faith


This weekend I've been busy.. If you were around me you might have thought I was nesting.. Well that couldn't happen if you know my life story... Really I was just tired of my studio looking like a storage room with an 10" by 10" workspace.. As It seems I pull everything I own out and since I don't have a storage place to put extra supplies it piles up around me...

So I gotta have faith that I can get some order in that room! And just so happens I opened a box that had watch tins. The tins were made for watch makers / repairers. The tins would hold the tiny parts needed in watches.. A few years ago I ordered a couple hundred and I stored away those that I hadn't used or sold.

I started looking at the tin and thought hey why can't I make this into a miniature art? I measured the tin and the one I chose just happened to be 1 1/2" in diameter. I found some paper that I had painted and punched a circle. Then I found a oval punch out with the word faith stamped on it and thought that would fit inside... Feeling pretty good about what I was doing I remembered that I cut out some tiny hearts out of aluminum (from a soda can) I found the perfect size and color and proceeded to assemble my mini collage.

I glued the punched out circle in the back with some glossy accents. Then I put an edge of purple around the oval and then put a round pop dot on the back of that. I then put a double set of pop dots on the heart.. I decided that it need a little bit of glitter around the inside edge so I ran a bead of glitter glue around the inside.. Ok so now I wanted some feet.  Henry and I have been going to the gun range and we have picked up the spent brass before we left.. I dug through the bag of brass and found a couple of silver colored shells and thought those would make great feet!  Got out the epoxy and glued it together...

I think it turned out pretty cute for my first one like this.. I have enough to make at least 3 dozen more in different sizes. I think I'll sell these for $4.00 to $6.00 depending on the size of the tin and what else I put in side..

Let me know what you think of this one.. Do you know of other words you would like to see inside the tin? Got a favorite color?

I like making small things like this because these could be placed close to where a person sits most of the day - near a computer or just on their desk, anyplace you have room for a small work of art...

Thanks for stopping by.. Please leave a comment love to read what you think..

Having Faith is something that everyone needs, and a little reminder never hurts...




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