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Saying Hello

Posted by: Paul A Reeves

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Paul A Reeves


This will be my first blog here on Total Art Soul.

I have mostly worked as an artist and animator in the video games industry, moving around different games companies and working on titles such as the GTA games, Micro Machines, Bob The Builder. and loads of others. I have always painted as well as doing digital artwork, and I'll mostly be using this profile here on Total Art Soul to show and talk about my paintings, and some of my digital art.

I'm moving into film-making too, so I may chat about some of those projects. I do a lot of my own concept art and storyboarding for my film projects.

This coming Saturday the 27th of November I have a few paintings being exhibited in the Phoenix Centre in Glasgow. A lot of the best artists in the country are exhibiting there, so I'm really quite excited about it. I'll post news about it future blogs.



little boy watercolor painting

Watercolor with touches of gesso on Arches CP 140lb, 9×12″. Reference photo is Sandra‘s grandson, Oliver. The photo she sent me said “Oliver with rainbow,” hence the background :)

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asian girl wearing a hat watercolor portrait

Watercolor on Arches CP 140lb, 9×12″. Photo reference: Angel Zhang of Julia Kay’s Portrait Party. Yeah…not very happy with this one. Overkill.

I worked on it while at my booth during a local event yesterday. People really like watching somebody paint (I do, too) and I’m getting used to the pressure of somebody looking over my shoulder. It’s not that bad when you space out and ignore the world outside of your painting (which I do anyway, regardless of spectators).

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