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angry man screaming watercolor painting

Watercolor on Arches cp 140lb, 9×12″. Photo reference is Michael Scholl of Julia Kay’s Portrait Party.


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woman portrait watercolor

Watercolor and acrylic gel medium on Arches CP 140lb, 9×12″. Interesting thing: Arches paper seems much softer after Canson Montval, much more absorbing (less sizing??) and more difficult to wipe or scrub paint off of.

The reference photo is Kate Larmuth of Julia Kay’s Portrait Party.

Oh. And this was not a 30 minute painting, as you can probably tell.


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man watercolor portrait

Watercolor on Canson Montval CP 140lb, 9×12. Took me around 35 minutes, not counting a couple of breaks. The painting turned out very saturated and colorful and I had difficulties making the image match the painting. This should give a rough idea, though, of course, it’s almost always better in person.

Ken Meyer Jr is an artist and illustrator I “met” through He sent me some pictures for my A Portrait A Day project and this is the interpretation of one of them. Check out Ken’s website here.


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