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The Sound Of War

Posted by: Paul A Reeves

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Paul A Reeves



The Sound Of War - Oil on canvas. Original size - 60 cm by 80 cm.

I painted this to remind people that the horrors of war also have a terrible impact on the soldiers fighting the wars.

I wanted to make the image neutral and universal, so I made no distinction to the uniforms or the ethnic background of the soldiers.  I actually really anguished over this painting, it gave me many sleepless nights.

I have exhibited this painting in quite a few exhibitions alongside the work of some great artists.

I've witnessed a few people become emotional over this painting.

I sold this painting at Mctears art auction in Glasgow for £700.


Prints of The Sound Of War and other artwork of mine can be seen and purchased here. Paul Reeves Art

And here. Paul Reeves Art




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