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My husband teases me how my thoughts change with lightning speed; I can be talking about popcorn and within a split second my thoughts will go through 10 stages to connect the popcorn to a yellow shoelace.This morning was no different and my thoughts were initially on the current painting I'm working on, "County Fair".

Lightning thought #1. I like the sounds at a carnival. Its fun and bustling and happy.

Lightning thought #2. I hate the sound of my tennis shoes on my floor. They clunk loudly, I'll take them off.

Lightning thought #3. At least my tennis shoes give me some height; I'm 4' 10 1/2" tall.

Lightning thought #4. A memory of a height issue. As an adult I'd gone to a carnival and was going to ride one of the rides. I saw the ride operator glance at the cartoon cutout sign which stated, "You must be this tall to ride this ride".  I think I gave him the look of death if he dared measure me against it.

Lightning thought #5. If I ever move and  build another house, everything in my house will be at MY height, not my 6' tall husband's height.

Lightning thought #6. I wonder if there are small houses. I Google. Images pop up and lo and behold- Midgetville. I look up images and see some from the book, Weird Virginia.

Lightning thought #7. We have that book and in it on pages 47 and 48 are stories of Midgetville, VA outside of Vienna, Virginia.

Lightning thought #8. I used to have to drive to Fairfax County for building permits as part of my job. The traffic in Northern Virginia is terrifying to me! I no longer work for that company and since being laid off, I've really had time to focus on painting.

Lightning thought #9. I should put that this tall sign in my Fair painting.

Lightning thought #10. My husband is in Vienna this morning, delivering a load of steel. He'll call, complain about the traffic and say he wants to come home.  And I'll think how tall he is and wish I had a tiny house in Midgetville where I can paint and go to a Fair wearing my clunky tennis shoes. Smile




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