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male face portrait watercolor painting

Watercolor on Arches CP 140lb, 9×12″. Photo reference: Greg Durrett of Julia Kay’s Portrait Party.

Originally published on October 2, 2010 at

A Spiritual Journey

Posted by: artbyjude

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It has been a while since I last posted a Blog entry.  I find writing a lot like painting, I can only do it when the mood takes me.  I really feel for authors and artists working to deadlines!!

Quite a lot has happened since I last put pen to paper, or should I say fingers to keys.  I have continued with my painting, sold most of them and completed several commissions.  I don't believe I will ever feel complacent about my work being sent into the hands of others.  I still find it unbelievable and very humbling.

Now you may be wondering why I've entitled this blog entry, A Spiritual Journey?  Back in November of this year, I attended a psychic supper.  I have to admit I'm more of a believer than a sceptic.  There were three different mediums there that evening and I was read by all of them separately.  The overwhelming theme that came through was that I'd spent many years wondering if I was on the right path and they all said, without doubt, that now I was on the right path.  One of the mediums even described my "studio" in my house!!

I can hardly put into words how much that meant to me.  It brings me so much happiness and peace.  The mediums also said that I have a psychic capability not yet explored 'I could do what they do!'.  I've been told this in the past and only now do I have the opportunity to develop this side of my capabilities.  Watch this space on that one.

And so, back to my art journey, which in itself is a spiritual experience for me and people have told me this is reflected in my artwork.  This gives me such a thrill as I feel I always paint from the heart.  There's much more I'm going to be involved with which will continue to push me outside of my comfort zone.  I have the opportunity to teach about oil painting.  It will take place at a beautiful rural study centre called Gleanings (click here for details, scroll down to Arts & Crafts).  This is exciting and nerve wracking but I'm sure it will also be enjoyable.

There is also something massive (for me!) happening in 2011.  I will be holding my first art exhibition in collaboration with others.  I can't tell you when or where or with whom just yet until the details are finalised but I will definitely share the excitement with you along the way.  If you're on Twitter, you can see developments by following @4_ArtsSake.

It will only be a year in March 2011 since I began this spiritual art journey.  I find it hard sometimes to comprehend all that has happened in such a short space of time.  That said, I'm such a believer in things happen for a reason.  I 'AM' on the right path now, now is my time to follow my heart and the passion which I've had since I was a little girl.

Thank you to everyone who continue to support me along the way.  A special thank you to Valerie Higgins (Twitter @valdary) who was there for me right at the beginning of this journey.  She sadly passed away this month and she will be sorely missed by so many people including me, she was a shining light of inspiration.

Finally, I want to wish you ALL the very best for 2011, I hope all your dreams come true.  Afterall "nothing happens unless first we dream".

Love and hugs



Jude xxxx
Art By Jude

Charlie On Horse

Posted by: Paul A Reeves

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Paul A Reeves

'Charlie On Horse' - Oil on canvas. Original size 60 cm - 80 cm.

'Charlie On Horse' is a painting I made of my friend Charlie Allan. That really is him in his every day clothes.

I'm also an actor as well as an artist, and I first became aware that Charlie was a Scottish actor when I was at an audition for a role as a sea diver. I never actually met Charlie at this particular audition, but I was told he was going to be there later in the day, and that's when I learned about this extraordinary fellow.

Charlie is the founder of the 'Clanranald Trust for Scotland'. It is the only organization of it's kind in Scotland. The Clanranald Trust is building an authentic medieval fort and is dedicated to promoting increased awareness of Scottish Culture and Heritage through interactive education. Some of their fund-raising activities include period battle displays, corporate themed entertainment and film/TV work.

Charlie and his team have been in many Hollywood movies. Have you seen 'Gladiator' with Russel Crowe? At the start of the movie when the Romans are fighting the barbarian army, and the huge barbarian leader yells at the Romans and throws a severed Roman head at them... well...that was Charlie.

He has been in many other movies such as 'King Arthur' with Clive Owen and Russel Crowe's new 'Robin Hood' movie. Russel Crowe is a good friend of Charlie, and he helped Charlie to get the big battering ram prop that was used in the 'Robin Hood' Movie for an addition to the medieval fort project.

I donate 50% of any print sales I make of this painting to the Clanranald Trust. I have been chatting with Charlie about doing other artwork with the same theme.

Here is Charlies website, where you can learn about his amazing projects.

Prints of Charlie On Horse and other artwork of mine can be seen and purchased here.

And here. Paul Reeves Art

And here. Paul Reeves Art




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