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This one is written with the title, "Tulips" but I call it "Down Below". A very touching and personal piece of work. It represents beauty traveling deep down below into the depths of darkness to find herself. Many people have a notion that outer beauty is everything. But they don't realize that it's just a shell. Inner beauty comes from within. Sometimes in order to become beautiful one has to go places alone and suffer things others don't know in order to come to terms with the fact that perfection is in fact flawed. Anything made by humans will always have error.

Be Free

Posted by: RhiannonGagnon


This painting is entitled, "Be Free". It sums up how I view life. It should be full, free, and alive. I originally started making it for my sister. She wanted huge angel wings in the center with the background designed the way it is. Well, this image took on a mind of it's own and became something more than I ever imagined. It's quite beautiful and more impressive in person. I love it! There's so much detail that's lost in the's not the same as an original.



Painting Blue Circles

Posted by: lindaisrael

Tagged in: paper , Painting , fun foam , die cut , circles , canvas , blue , acrylic


While surfing the web one day I saw an image full of circles.. This image got me to thinking about how could I make a piece of art using circles. So I started looking around at the materials that I had on hand and found that I had a circle die that cut a series of circles. Then I found an 8 by 10 canvas and pulled out my paint..

I had all of my materials it was time to get started.

Supplies used:
8 by 10 Canvas
Acrylic Paint
Paint brush
Acrylic Gel Medium - Golden
Die cut Paper Circles
Block to adhere foam shapes
Circle fun foam shapes
Heat tool to speed up the drying time

This was very abstract, no real design to this, just wanted to use the circles and blue.. Recycled some paper and went to work...

The video of making the project:

I hope you enjoyed watching. Please leave comments and questions. If there is a technique you would like to learn just ask, I'll see about putting together a video for you..

Make today a great day!

Linda Israel




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