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Soldering, Grinding, and Buying Gemstones

Posted by: mooaany

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PendantNow that I have returned from a couple of tech refresher courses, I am happy to say that I still have all ten fingers and can still do my jewelry work, and even type blogs.  Never mind that one finger decided to wander under my torch flame and get a bit scorched.  And never never mind that one of my classmates pushed her chair out just in time for the burnishing brush on the flex shaft to burnish a shiny spot out of another finger.  

 We just get out the alligator tape we should have used first and wrap em up and continue!

The GemShow was packed with discerning buyers with eagle eyes, and also those buyers hoarding all the great big questionably colored strands that laid in wait on all the many tables.  

 The joy of it all but I did find some of the most lovely faceted rectangular pink amethyst that sparkled appropriately, and I am busting to create something new!








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