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Posted by: gringrimaceandsqueak


We are delighted here at Grin Hq to announce the arrival of our rabbit mask- not only because it is beautiful, but because it allowed us to have some fun with the photos :)

She is the next step up from our cat mask, constructing pieces that don't follow the human face shape but rather build off that to create something completely different. Crafted in silver plated, non- tarnish wire, the panels are filled in with tiny glass seed beads.

Shaped the way she is, the ears catch the light from behind like a real rabbit and so we took her outside for a bit of sun :) We are lucky to live in a house with painted walls so we hung the mask against the textured surface to bounce the light around a bit more, illuminating the beadwork.

Because we had such a glorious day here, we also took some against the sky, which made a great composition- such a strong shape and great contrast.

When you're working with what you have around you it can be difficult to get just the shots you want so we've learnt to experiment, taking lots of pictures from all angles then choosing those with the most impact to compliment our more standard product shots.
After all, whoever buys her is unlikely to leave her on the shelf, so it's nice to give the photos some life, a bit of personality.

On to the next one :)

Karen and Rich

It's that time again :)

Posted by: gringrimaceandsqueak

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Much to our deep joy and happiness, Autumn is coming to Cornwall. The leaves are turning, the air is cooling and best of all, hallowe'en is just over the horizon! This means our attention has turned from summery blues and greens to deeper, more dramatic winter tones. Coppery colours are definitely in at the minute, often teamed with classic black or more subtle browns but as we get further into the season, that's going to change again in favour of bolder combinations.

It's also party season and we're gearing up for our busiest time of year- stocking up on the basics with lots of traditional eye masks in the classic goth colours - red, black and purple being the big ones of course :) Hallowe'en is also the time men are most likely to let their hair down for  a change and dress up to go out so we've made sure we have an assortment of more masculine pieces to keep the boys happy.

While we're waiting for our best excuse to don full gothic battle dress and surprise the heck out of our neighbours, we are having a lot of fun building on our existing collection with a new range of more sculpted masks. The first to go on sale is this cat mask- we'd done animal and bird pieces before but always shaped around the human face, which only allows you to go so far.

To make something really different, we've been changing our patterns and pushing ourselves by looking first at the form we want to create, then working backwards to create a supporting structure that fits comfortably. The cat was fairly simple, once we had the proportions right (thanks to Louie from next door who has become a regular visitor) it was mostly about bridging the nose and cheeks to create a more catlike expression. We added some hair thin whiskers to give a cheeky pre-pounce look - et voila!
Next up are a raven mask with a foot long beak (don't ask how many beads that's taking) and a mask with woven wire horns - wish us luck :)
Karen and Rich


Coasting on in now...

Posted by: lindaisrael


I decided that coasters should be the next project I would share.. I have a lot of scraps of fabric and couldn't decide what to do with all those little bits when I saw a coaster and though hey there is an idea that I can make... I started cutting bits of fabric into 1 1/2 strips then sewing the strips together. Once I had enough to make what I thought would look nice I cut sewed strips into four so I could make a pretty set.. I've completed two sets so far and I have a lot of strips cut for many more coasters. I will have the coasters out at Loving Touch this week. I will create custom coasters in the colors you would like, just tell me what you are looking for - blues, reds etc.. As I make more coasters I'll upload the photos...

What  have you productive today? Maybe you cleaned out the refrigerator, cleaned out a junk drawer that was getting way over full... Don't coast through this year, do something productive, even the smallest of things will make a difference, before you know what has happened you will have made a big impact on your life and you'll be coasting along happier...


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