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Why I Love My Hands

Posted by: TashaChawner

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I love my hands because
they are creative hands.  Hands that can provide women with beautiful jewellery that delights their eyes.  Hands that doodle and draw, that paint and cut and colour.

I love my hands because they hold the hands of my children.  Walking along or simply sitting, we link fingers and are one again.

I love my hands because they hold up the book I am reading and turn its pages.  My books are my escape, my sanctuary from the everyday.

I love my hands because they hold my camera.  Seeing the world in detail is a delight - and to capture that image forever is a thing that brings me joy.

I love my hands because my nails are growing strong.  Which tells me that I am in good health - and after being in only so-so health for so long - makes me very, very happy.

Why do you love your hands?




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