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San Miguel de Allende street scene ink and watercolor painting

ink and watercolor on Ampersand Aquabord 6x6"

Here I used one of the four brushes that my dear husband brought me from Japan. I’m sure there’s a name for this kind of brush but I don’t know it :) It has stiffer, longer hair in the center and softer, short light hair (goat?) on the outside. The variety in the hair length and stiffness adds variety to the brushstrokes. A rather interesting tool :)

asian brush

asian brush tip

asian brush

asian brush

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Its October?

Posted by: fuzzydragons

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The weather is so odd right now. Gorgeous sun and lots of rain, so the flowers are still blooming, which is really odd to see this time of year. It doesn't feel like fall, feels more like spring. With the odd weather I love how at night the sky is so clear, I can look up and see all the constellations and the occasional falling star (well I hope it is a falling star, hopefully not a UFO and we are about to be invaded by little green men o.0).

And the dots continue :) I want to draw a peacock next and use coloured inks to see how they will look. I just need to go and get some pen nibs and find a new holder since I think either the moving monster stole them or a certain black and white creature thought the plastic tasted good :p


Hey guys,

I just signed up but i already love this platform :)

it seems to be a good way to communicate with other people how are also in love with art....

I for one study illustration and I am really looking forward to see some for your work and to get feedback on my stuff,

cheers zorton






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