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Propping up

Posted by: gringrimaceandsqueak

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We've been having a bit of a sort out here at Grin Hq, working through stock and deciding where to list which pieces. We try and avoid having all the same things on all our selling platforms and tailor what we are selling to the customers it brings in. This does however means we take a lot of different photos.

For our own UK website, it's the big stuff mostly and we can be a bit more creative with pictures, especially those on the front page. Some time ago, we did some shots of our carnivale masks to show them as luxury items using coloured backgrounds and some basic props -feathers etc, to add a touch of glamour. It's amazing what can be done just with a few bits and pieces you have lying around.

If you're stuck for extras, putting in packaging can make an image more interesting and shows the customer how much care you take with their purchase. We use gorgeous magnetic closure boxes from Midpac, in black of course, with some tissue to protect the mask.

For those initial thumbnails on sites like Etsy, we use a light background and are relaunching our tiaras using our mannequin head with a wig and, for extra height, one of Ms Grins' hair falls. Much easier and quicker than getting all dolled up for a model shoot- just plonk the wig on, clip on the extension and there you have it :) Not only does is give a sense of scale, important for selling online, but it show the item as it could be worn and looks a whole lot more exciting than one lonely piece by itself. 

If you're a seller like us, have some fun with your photos - it really does make all the difference :)


Posted by: gringrimaceandsqueak


We are delighted here at Grin Hq to announce the arrival of our rabbit mask- not only because it is beautiful, but because it allowed us to have some fun with the photos :)

She is the next step up from our cat mask, constructing pieces that don't follow the human face shape but rather build off that to create something completely different. Crafted in silver plated, non- tarnish wire, the panels are filled in with tiny glass seed beads.

Shaped the way she is, the ears catch the light from behind like a real rabbit and so we took her outside for a bit of sun :) We are lucky to live in a house with painted walls so we hung the mask against the textured surface to bounce the light around a bit more, illuminating the beadwork.

Because we had such a glorious day here, we also took some against the sky, which made a great composition- such a strong shape and great contrast.

When you're working with what you have around you it can be difficult to get just the shots you want so we've learnt to experiment, taking lots of pictures from all angles then choosing those with the most impact to compliment our more standard product shots.
After all, whoever buys her is unlikely to leave her on the shelf, so it's nice to give the photos some life, a bit of personality.

On to the next one :)

Karen and Rich


Posted by: gringrimaceandsqueak


In case our last blog post hasn't got every jeweller/hat maker on here frantically papering polystyrene heads, we though we'd share a bit of news :)

We recently found a bit of time to promote our UK website and wanted to get the maximum exposure for the minimum time so we can spend as much time as possible beading things. We did another search for alternative fashion magazines and sent a couple of e-mails off with our new product shots attached, offering our little black number shown above as a competition prize. 
Much to our astonishment and great delight, the lovely Leona at Alt Fashion magazine jumped at it and we've just posted the mask today. In addition to the giveaway, she is writing a review which we'll share as soon as we can. We'd had some success before with this sort of thing but never to such a great response, our shop views are also up across the board and still growing.

We've also just found ourselves some fantastic new packaging from MidPac - black, satiny boxes with a magnetic closure just in time for our grand showing :) We'd tried out various alternatives but nothing seemed quite right, or if it was we couldn't find the size we needed. Naturally, we are more excited about the boxes that what goes in them - what is it with creative types and stationary? Anyway, it has once again shown us that it's always worth putting in the extra time to get everything just right. When you've got that sorted, the rest just kind of comes together ;)

More soon,
Karen and Rich

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