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" People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it "
George Bernard Shaw
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This Precious Monday

Posted by: bbrunophotography

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Yes, I know it's January 3rd already. And I realize that I didn't post any lofty resolutions, or lament goals I failed to reach last year. But I will say this: Today is Monday and I don't know about you, but I love Mondays with a vengeance.

Add to it the fact that this is the first Monday of the new year and can see where this is going, can't you?  I have a brand-new journal waiting to fill. Beside me sits a cup of steaming coffee, thanks to my new stainless steel Delonghi coffeemaker. Life is good, and I've taken a giant leap into the new year with bubbling enthusiasm for what this great Unknown will hold.

I'm enough of a realist to know that there will be struggles, but like a pebble washed ashore, I know that such experiences ultimately polish and refine me. I'm a believer in taking life one day at a time and I'm anticipating each step as someone accepting a rare and precious gift.

I hope your year is also filled with great anticipation and hope.  So tell me, what does this Monday mean to you?

You Promised . . . I Promised

Posted by: facingkath


I know I am not alone in having been in an abusive marriage; sadly I am not alone in having been treated in any of the ways described below. I know I am not alone in writing poignant and distressing recollections; but it just had to be written. This was written a good few years after the demise of my marriage. I chose to leave, perpetuated by a particular incident; I'll probably write about that too at some point. It took me 5 years to gather up the courage to do so. I couldn't believe how someone who 'loved' me? could treat me like this and I make no apologies for the naivety of this piece.

You promised to love me for ever.
You promised your vows to me.
I promised to love you for ever.
I promised my vows to you.
I respected you
You respected nothing
I gave you my body, my love, my honesty 
You gave me distress, upset, heartache, abuse.
I made you unaccountably irritated, annoyed, impatient.
You made me fearful, restrained, introverted, desperate.
I drowned in pity
You drowned in beer.
You took away my self esteem, passion, decisions, self image
I took away our son.
I tried so hard!
You tried to destroy me
I forced a smile
You forced me to do things I did not want
I changed for self preservation
You changed me indelibly
You broke my spirit, possessions, our son's toys  
I broke my heart
You dreamt of god knows what
I dreamt I was killing you, I might be happy one day
I felt lost, unloved, pathetic 
You felt empowered
I reported you to the G.P. but only once
You reported me as mentally unstable to the police
You threw vile things at me
I threw away my life for you
You left me bereft

A Time to Reflect

Posted by: bbrunophotography


So I've been crawling out of bed much earlier these days and greeting the day early, right around the time goldfinches and sparrows perch on treetops to warm their feathers.  It's a magical time of day - sacred, even - and I'm growing to love it more each morning.

I sit on my patio surrounded by all the morning sounds: birdsong, gentle breeze, and an occasional car engine responding to a turned key.  I sip my cup of coffee, think about all the ways God has blessed my life, and just breathe in the beauty all around me. Life is sweet, and I feel grateful to have a supportive family, work I love, and friends who understand that us creative types are wired a little differently. Laughing

What's your favorite time of day to just sit and reflect?




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