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costa rica girl watercolor portrait

Reference photo is my friend Lorna.  She is originally from Costa Rica and we met during both of our first years in the U.S., at an ESL class. Unfortunately, the painting doesn’t look like her, even after numerous reworkings (if you look close, you can see areas of diluted gesso here and there). I guess I’ll have to paint another one some time and aim for more resemblance!

Speaking of years in the U.S., yesterday was my 7-year move-i-versary (thanks Genevieve for another made-up word I can add to my vocabulary ;) ) It feels so strange.


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woman leaning on her hand watercolor painting

Watercolor on Arches CP 140lb, 9×12. Painted from a picture of my friend’s mom. I feel like I should have left it be around 25 minutes before I actually stopped – but I always want more darks, more depth, more definition. With all that, I lose some of the initial freshness and mood. I guess it’s a very fine balance I need to learn to keep!

On a different note, this blog’s views reached 10,000 yesterday and I’m happy as a true dork :) Thank you to everyone who came and looked at what I am doing here, and especially to those of you who keep coming back for more. You keep me going!

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You Promised . . . I Promised

Posted by: facingkath


I know I am not alone in having been in an abusive marriage; sadly I am not alone in having been treated in any of the ways described below. I know I am not alone in writing poignant and distressing recollections; but it just had to be written. This was written a good few years after the demise of my marriage. I chose to leave, perpetuated by a particular incident; I'll probably write about that too at some point. It took me 5 years to gather up the courage to do so. I couldn't believe how someone who 'loved' me? could treat me like this and I make no apologies for the naivety of this piece.

You promised to love me for ever.
You promised your vows to me.
I promised to love you for ever.
I promised my vows to you.
I respected you
You respected nothing
I gave you my body, my love, my honesty 
You gave me distress, upset, heartache, abuse.
I made you unaccountably irritated, annoyed, impatient.
You made me fearful, restrained, introverted, desperate.
I drowned in pity
You drowned in beer.
You took away my self esteem, passion, decisions, self image
I took away our son.
I tried so hard!
You tried to destroy me
I forced a smile
You forced me to do things I did not want
I changed for self preservation
You changed me indelibly
You broke my spirit, possessions, our son's toys  
I broke my heart
You dreamt of god knows what
I dreamt I was killing you, I might be happy one day
I felt lost, unloved, pathetic 
You felt empowered
I reported you to the G.P. but only once
You reported me as mentally unstable to the police
You threw vile things at me
I threw away my life for you
You left me bereft

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