Advertising on TAS

On average we are getting 178,800 page hits every single day. We are also attracting on average, based on the last 6 months, 84,613 unique visitors every month and this is continuing to increase as we work constantly at driving traffic to the site.

We want you to benefit from these visitors by offering you advertising space to promote your online shops, blogs or websites. We will add your advert in the sidebar of the site and it will appear on all pages except in members' profiles. We will limit the number of ads we accept to give you maximum exposure and to keep the site looking clean and uncluttered.

Our rates are:-

1 week   = $18
2 weeks = $34
3 weeks = $48
4 weeks = $60

At the end of your banner advertizing period, we will provide you with stats consisting of the number of clicks and page impressions your banner ad received.

Your ad banner image has to be in either jpg or png format measuring 150x120px.


To have an ad with us, just contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Email us your ad banner image, your Paypal email address for invoicing, the link to your shop or site, and the period of time you want your ad to run for.