A Time to Reflect

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So I've been crawling out of bed much earlier these days and greeting the day early, right around the time goldfinches and sparrows perch on treetops to warm their feathers.  It's a magical time of day - sacred, even - and I'm growing to love it more each morning.

I sit on my patio surrounded by all the morning sounds: birdsong, gentle breeze, and an occasional car engine responding to a turned key.  I sip my cup of coffee, think about all the ways God has blessed my life, and just breathe in the beauty all around me. Life is sweet, and I feel grateful to have a supportive family, work I love, and friends who understand that us creative types are wired a little differently. Laughing

What's your favorite time of day to just sit and reflect?

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written by kueblerelves, August 31, 2010
I really don't have much time to do that, but some weekends I do. I like to sit in the yard on the grass and listen to the birds and feel the morning sun on my face... usually with a cup of coffee in hand.
written by TashaChawner, September 04, 2010
Given that I am so not a morning person (!!) my reflection time is actually when I get to sit and read the Sydney Morning Herald online, coffee in hand, as the kids start getting ready for school.

I usually only get 10 minutes, but it is my time to contemplate the happenings in the world.
And it makes me realise just how lucky I am that I live where I do, with wonderful family and friends.
written by thornwoodstudio, September 07, 2010
I like the late evening when everything has turned in for the night. I grew up in Africa so the nights are seldom quiet but the night birds and crickets I love the most especially the Nightjars. Its even better if there is a breeze blowing which animates the trees. I do agree though, mornings are special which reminds me that Gods blessings are new every morning. A great time to hear His heart.
written by bbrunophotography, October 09, 2010
Sounds like we all find those moments that work for us. Now that autumn is here, I'm not out on my patio early mornings anymore. I feel like I'm preparing to hibernate, with darkness closing in so much earlier now.

I think it's important to find those moments to reflect, regardless of the hour. It's not what the clock says, but whether we MAKE time to follow our heart's lead, and stop everything just to breathe deeply and take time out from the Stuff of life.
written by aimeebogush, January 17, 2011
Morning, absolutely. I, too, am immersed in my blessings in the quiet of the morning. Beautiful post. I wrote about today's morning and then saw your tweet. Here's my post, http://www.mymidlifecreativiti...bliss.html. I'd love for you to visit :-) ~Aimee smilies/smiley.gif

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