Art is Good for your Vocab

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I have to thank Sting and The Police for their intelligence in their song lyrics.

So many times I had listened, caught something I didn't know and threw open a dictionary so I could add another interesting word to my limited vocabulary.

My love for unusual and captivating words continue to this day as I name my art. I start with something relatively dull that vaguely describes the piece then search through dictionary definitions/adjectives/thesaurus listings for the word that perfectly captures the essence of my mood and/or desires while in the creative process.

In the end, I'm just as pleased with the name as I am with the art :)



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written by thornwoodstudio, September 07, 2010
Agreed, the sad fact is that we live in times where so many people are loosing their ability to develop both the artistic and verbal vocabulary required to communicate in a meaningful way. It is my experience that when someone looses the ability to articulate their feelings clearly, be it in words or pictures, the only avenue generally left open is frustration and ultimately anger.
A great vocabulary is like a great pallet, they both produce a more colourful image.
Enjoy Plastique by the way, great title.
written by Obsidianram, September 08, 2010
A picture can indeed be worth a thousand words, but a well constructed sentence can evoke equally vivid imagery. I find aphorisms to be quite interesting, and generally try to apply the same convention in giving my works a succinct, meaningful title that further enhances the image. I agree with Thornwood in that effective written communication is a dying art, sad as that is to say.

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