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Our Mushroom Picking Walk in France

Posted by: Cathy

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We went mushroom picking here in France today.  The weather has been unusually mild so the mushrooms are super late this year.  We picked several kgs of Boletus or Porcini mushrooms which will make up some lovely meals.  I am making wild mushroom soup for Christmas day and I have already made a mushroom pate with walnuts which came from our walnut tree.

Whilst on our walk I also got creative with my camera.  Even though it's really not a great camera, it does take fairly good macro shots.  Here's just a few of them.

I think these are beef tongue mushrooms, they seem to always grow on tree trunks.

This is a Boletus or Porcini mushroom which is what we picked.  There are huge amounts of these this year.

This is some of the Boletus we picked.

Could not resist taking a shot of the holly berries.

Gift Ideas for Poor Creative Souls (9)

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I like this idea because you can make it so personal.  It really is the perfect gift for Christmas when family time is so important.  This tutorial comes courtesy of A Yummy Mommy. (The full tutorial can be seen there)


Materials Needed:

Modge Podge or PVA glue
wooden blocks
photos printed on a laser printer (slightly smaller than the blocks)
letters (optional)

Cut all you scrapbook paper out to fit the squares and cut your pictures out. I really suggest a cutter here, it makes it way easier.

You then use your foam brush to apply a thin layer of Modge Podge to the block and apply the paper and the photos in whatever arrangement you desire. I like to use a plain or simpe paper for the blocks that I want to apply the letters to, it makes them easily readable.

Apply another thin layer of Modge Podge.

It is very important that you let the blocks dry completely between all steps. Wait a few hours or you could end up with a gooey mess. After they are dry, you can apply the rub-on letters to the blocks by... well... rubbing them on with the end of your foam brush.

Lightly sand the corners and edges (I use a 120-180 grit sandpaper)

Now use a tiny teeny amount of the paint and rub it on all the edges and corners.

And there you have it!  All done. :-)

If you don't want to make these yourself, they can be custom made at Inner Vision.

For tutorials on how to market yourself online, go here.




Gift Ideas for Poor Creative Souls (8)

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This one is truly a great idea.  I defy anyone not to be able to make these. It requires virtually no skills, you can find the stones on your next walk or in the garden and it will cost you virtually nothing.

Now is the time to make these as it would be a great for the kids to be involved in collecting and painting the stones but they could also play with these outside during the summer months.

If you're giving these as a gift, you could put them in a simple organza bag or run up a little bag made of burlap which would compliment the stones beautifully.

Materials needed:
- 28 flat stones
- black and white acrylic paint
- varnish
- paintbrush
The pieces that make up the domino set you can find here.

Paint your stones with the black paint so that they are well covered.  Let dry thoroughly.  Now start adding your dots and lines according to the chart from the link above with the white paint.  Once this is really dry, varnish all your stones to make them last a super long time.

Now just have fun!

You can find the domino rules here.

Images courtesy of Craftberry Bush


For tutorials on how to market yourself online, go here.






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