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10 Chalkboard Paint Ideas and Recipe

Posted by: Cathy

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I've been seeing some gorgeous ideas with chalkboard paint so I decided to go out and buy some.  I was quite surprised at the cost of it so perhaps you would like to make your own. There's a simple recipe here.

So now we have our paint, what shall we do with it?  There are so many gorgeous ideas, I don't know
where to begin.  Here's just a few to whet our appetites. :-)


Painting plant pots to easily label them would be a great idea, especially when I'm bringing on my seedlings.

Labeling all the jars and pots in the pantry would sure help me to find things quickly.

Having a chalkboard on the pantry door is a great place to write your shopping list.


A wonderful way to recycle some bottles.  Grouping them together would look amazing.

A chalkboard heart would be lovely to send your loved one little messages.

A great way to label boxes and know what's inside.

Stones are cheap and I sooooo need these reminders!  Wonderful paperweight idea.

Painting up an old globe, would make a great gift for the man in your life.

Of course paintboard paint does not have to be black!  This looks great!

Painting up an old crate to encourage people to recycle is a great idea in my book!



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Easy Party Garland

Posted by: Cathy

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With better weather soon approaching here in Europe, it will soon be time for socializing again.  What better and quicker way to add a splash of color and make your guests feel super welcome than with this colorful garland. This idea came courtesy of and has been translated by me.

Materials Needed:

- string

- glue stick

- tissue paper

- scissors

Step 1:

Cut your tissue paper into equal squares or rectangles.  You could also do triangles.

Step 2:

Fold each piece of tissue paper in 2 and apply glue to the inside.  Place the string in the center, fold and press firmly. Repeat this process for however many meters of garland you would like.

It's that simple!

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The Fruits of Expo Moulins, France.

Posted by: Cathy

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Yesterday we came back from collecting my paintings from the exhibition which just finished at Moulins, France.  It's been a lot of hard work and much driving since we live 2 hours from the Gallery.  Each time we had to stay overnight with a friend, which was enjoyable of course, but it did mean many hours away from our other work.

Those of you that followed the previous blogs I wrote, will have read that I did not make any sales in the first week or on vernissage night so I was getting a little concerned.  After all, February is not the best month for most people financially!

Things certainly did pick up and these are the paintings I sold.

Lavender II - string/acrylic on canvas

zesty triptych - string/acrylic on canvas

Half Artichoke - string/oil on canvas

Dive-In Kiwi - string/acrylic on wood

There are also a couple of other leads too and the collector who bought Half Artichoke also wants to come and see me working in the studio.

Jean, the Gallery owner said he was very happy with the interest my paintings got.  I've enjoyed working with a gallery for a change and it has restored my faith a little.  I've learned a lot from working with a good gallery here in France and I hope to do it again.

I have 2 exhibitions planned for the summer organized by the Tourist Board so it's now all steam ahead planning for those.





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