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Lights, camera....pencils!

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For those busy avoiding getting on with their own work, a peek at some of what's been going on here at Grin HQ :)

Our ggsarts shop on Etsy is our corner for bits of creative doings that aren't masks. It's generated a gratifying amount of interest for what we've done with it so decided to ramp things up in the hopes of generating more bead funds.

Our latest scheme is to build on the popularity of our black and white cards by adding some mini sketches for sale. Crows are a particularly popular theme and fit our goth image so they were the first things to be chased round with the camera - with some help from next doors' cat :)

The drawings are very small which means we also feel a great sense of achievement having finished three already this week amongst other things - normally, drawings take weeks to complete!

We're just waiting on the frames now- we've chosen ones with acrylic panes rather than glass so they are safer and lighter to post whilst protecting the charcoal from smudging.

Will let you know how it turns out :)

Adventuring on,
Karen and Rich

Battle plan

Posted by: gringrimaceandsqueak

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We often get asked, as I'm sure you do, what inspired you to start working for yourself. There's the obvious answers, such as being completely unemployable because you're mad as two balloons, the fact that you can get up and go to bed when you like, plus of course for us creative types, getting to make things all the time.

We do have a broader plan however than just being able to keep ourselves in beads, pencils and wine...

Our masks are our main business, so we have our Etsy shop plus a UK website now. Things are picking up nicely, people are starting to approach us rather than the other way around and it suits our life at the minute- we've moved several times in the last three years or so and selling fairly small things online makes it easy to take the business with us should we move again. Plus, its fun :)

We also do artwork and photography, which we sell online and have a contract with a company to licence pieces for which we get commission on sales. This is phase two- it takes longer to find places to sell artwork, we're now working on galleries in the area to sell some of the work we have in stock- including the originals from the licenced images :)

This in turn has given us a heap of reference photos and drawing practice for phase three- some rather more specialised work. Most of this is being kept firmly under wraps so we can only show you the images above which are already on sale. Otherwise, we'd have to set this blog post to self destruct after you've read it...

This work is more valuable but takes longer to do as it consists of carefully assembling things that aren't there :) Eventually there will be enough of a portfolio to get an agent and, in theory, some sensible money.

Which brings us to phase four- a workshop for Mr Grin and all the tools he needs to make things. Preferably, somewhere sufficiently remote to not annoy the neightbours with the ensuing banging and clanging noises.

We figure we're about halfway there in terms of the work that needs doing- the rest of it is then up to the universe at large, with some kicking from us by way of promotion, of course.

I guess the point of this post is to explain our method of organising the chaos that is creativity- always keeping one eye on the road ahead.

Wishing you luck on your own journey,
Karen and Rich

Fame at last

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Bribery is a wonderful thing :)

We recently contacted the lovely Leona at Alt Fashion magazine and offered one of our little black numbers as a giveaway - not only did they run the competition but they've done us a lovely write-up too !

It's taken a lot of digging to find the right publications, catering to grown up goths but still with a sense of humour and avoiding the whole gother-than-though performance. Much as we like dressing up when the opportunity arises, we really don't take ourselves that seriously !

Speaking of such things, we are entertaining a couple of friends from across the pond next week and there may well be some photos of silly outfits to come :)

This has prompted a flurry of activity here at Grin HQ- the trouble with working at home is that it tends to take over and you get used to having to step over half built things and piles of paper to get to the sofa. We've succeeded in turning the stock room back into a spare bedroom, now we've just got to unearth the downstairs furniture....




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