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With my very first BLOG I have decided to focus on Autumn & capturing autumn reflections. I took the above photo at Thompson Dam in Thompson Connecticut several years ago. Unfortunately after a hard drive failure, I lost the original image & only have the smaller version to reference. This beautiful time of year seems to come and go so fast. One minute the leaves are on the trees & the next they're gone & snow has covered the landscape. It can be difficult & frustrating when trying to capture reflections in the water. I find The LIGHTING and time of day I take photos, either makes or breaks the image. I've had the best luck with images when using early morning light & late afternoon light. When possible I take pictures in the early morning and/or late afternoon.

When capturing autumn reflections I often look for tiny pools of water. With tiny pools of water there is usually little or no current and minimal disturbance from acquatic creatures or from elements such as wind and rain.

For the rest of this month MY artistic focus will be on REFLECTIONS. I haven't focused on reflections in some time & feel autumn is the perfect time to try to capture that next unique autumn reflection.

I'll be continuing to update my BLOG with NEW REFLECTION photos as they arrive; while continuing to share my ideas, experiences & suggestions. I'm a self taught photographer & continue to learn NEW things each day. I encourage any readers and/or professionals to post their thoughts, experiences and/or suggestions regarding capturing REFLECTIONS. In the meantime, get out there and shoot!!!

Thanks for reading. PEACE LOVE & HARMONY. Neal Eslinger.

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