Charlie On Horse

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Paul A Reeves

'Charlie On Horse' - Oil on canvas. Original size 60 cm - 80 cm.

'Charlie On Horse' is a painting I made of my friend Charlie Allan. That really is him in his every day clothes.

I'm also an actor as well as an artist, and I first became aware that Charlie was a Scottish actor when I was at an audition for a role as a sea diver. I never actually met Charlie at this particular audition, but I was told he was going to be there later in the day, and that's when I learned about this extraordinary fellow.

Charlie is the founder of the 'Clanranald Trust for Scotland'. It is the only organization of it's kind in Scotland. The Clanranald Trust is building an authentic medieval fort and is dedicated to promoting increased awareness of Scottish Culture and Heritage through interactive education. Some of their fund-raising activities include period battle displays, corporate themed entertainment and film/TV work.

Charlie and his team have been in many Hollywood movies. Have you seen 'Gladiator' with Russel Crowe? At the start of the movie when the Romans are fighting the barbarian army, and the huge barbarian leader yells at the Romans and throws a severed Roman head at them... well...that was Charlie.

He has been in many other movies such as 'King Arthur' with Clive Owen and Russel Crowe's new 'Robin Hood' movie. Russel Crowe is a good friend of Charlie, and he helped Charlie to get the big battering ram prop that was used in the 'Robin Hood' Movie for an addition to the medieval fort project.

I donate 50% of any print sales I make of this painting to the Clanranald Trust. I have been chatting with Charlie about doing other artwork with the same theme.

Here is Charlies website, where you can learn about his amazing projects.

Prints of Charlie On Horse and other artwork of mine can be seen and purchased here.

And here. Paul Reeves Art

And here. Paul Reeves Art

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