Do We Have a Workshop? Working Together.

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Sometimes we're asked where we have our workshop. Mike creates things with clay (I dabble!) and I create jewellery with stones and wire. Just mention clay and people think, mucky, sticky! Mention jewellery and they think, clean and polished!

How could the two manage in the same workshop? Well we don't  have a workshop! We work together in the same room at the same large table! The room is our dining room and our dining table doubles as our workspace!! We don't often eat there as you can imagine!
The first picture shows  Mike's workspace, his precious pasta machine which will never see pasta making again, one of his racks ready to go in the oven. The rest is stacks of boxes containing canes he has made, hand tools and scrap clay. Somehwere you just might see a box holding finished items! This I might add is a tidy 'Mike' space. All his other 'stuff' is stacked in the old dresser you can just see....don't ask where we keep the dishes!!
The second picture shows my work space. The trusty laptop sits there most of the time as does my calculator. I'm responsible for all the costing, buying and selling as well as jewellery making! Here, I also draw, paint, sketch and make jewellery! I must say, however, that I can also make lots of things while sat on the sofa in front of the telly, Mike can't! You can actually see the pink box where I put finished commissions or stuff waiting to be photographed and uploaded into our shop. I can quickly close the laptop and turn it into a mini photographic studio with card, light and a few props. If daylight is too poor I resort to the kitchen worktops using the downlighters for extra light!!
Do we work daily in happy harmony?? Most of the time, yes we do, other times we row...mostly about the mess and encroaching upon each other's workspace. We'll argue about colours...our tastes in colour are opposite, Mike's into reds and oranges, I'm into greens and blues. The latter maybe reflects our starsigns, Mike's Leo and I'm Pisces! I probably complain most because bits of clay get everywhere..every so often I have to go over the dining room floor with an old bank card scraping  bits of clay off the floor....thank the Lord for lino! Would I change this? Probably not. We do have a spare room we could convert but it's away from the kitchen, doesn't have a view straight out to the garden and has poor natural light.  It really is nice to be able to work creatively together, we've waited a long time to be able to do this. I think we'll be keeping our current arrangements!!

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