Do you have a Supportive Craft Partner?

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Not someone who creates with you, but someone who supports you in your craft?

It definitely helps to have a partner that supports your madness... I mean craftiness!!

I do.

I'm a very lucky woman, in that my Husband (bless his boots) has supported whatever mad-cap venture I've tried.

Tried to warn me off of some of them - "Honey, do you really think it is wise to go in to business with your mother?" - which, needless to say, failed miserably and horribly...


When we had children, we both agreed that it was incredibly important that one of us be a full-time parent.

It always falls to the Mum (something to do with instincts, breasts and such), but being Mum was also a role that I relished (says the woman who didn't want to ever be a mother to snotty, spewy infants that grow up to be snotty, rude teenagers),

When I rediscovered my love of handmade, Husband was (ironically) working away from home.  But he saw how much I loved what I was doing.  That creating jewellery was an outlet from me.  A way of channeling energies that could sometimes be very negative.  A way of calming my very busy mind.


Now, he is the one that helps me set up for my 2 annual markets.  Carts the boxes, tables and tent, because my back injury prevents me from doing it.

He has built me a soldering and drilling station that sits proudly on our front verandah.

He does that happy-dance when I make a sale.

He gives his honest opinion on designs.

He says to the kids "Give Mum a minute until she finishes."

He's my Supportive Craft Partner.  And I'm awful glad I've got him.

Who is your Supportive Craft Partner?



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written by bagsofblessing, September 08, 2010
What a beautiful post. It brought tears to my eyes when I realized that yes, I too have a supportive husband. He has encouraged me and supported me through many crises. He works in marketing, and so has all these great ideas about how to market my fiber arts. I, on the other hand, suffer from a low self esteem and if I were to go into a store to try to market my things, would end up saying something like - 'Uh, I know you probably think this is crap, because I kind of think so sometimes, but would you want to carry it in your store?" He keeps me from doing this. Indeed, convincing me that my art is worthwhile, and people will actually pay money for it!
Yes, I need to thank him for that more often. smilies/cool.gif
written by TashaChawner, September 30, 2010
Thanks Amy, and I'm glad that you liked the post.
It really is wonderful to have a supportive 'someone', who (like your husband) encourages and believes that what we do is worthwhile.
And your work is beautiful !! I would love to physically touch one of your bags. They look divine!

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