Food for Starving Artists (part 7)

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Time to take a quick jaunt to Egypt now. The hot dusty sands of the desert, the mysteries of the ancients and several arguments with very ornery camels, in my experience at least. It was on one such trip in Aswan, (ooh get me!) that a Nubian friend of mine cooked a quick and rather delicious supper for me. So good was it that, in my never ending mission to find alternatives to the pre-packed atrocities on the supermarket shelves,  I asked him for the recipe. So without further to-do, I bring you the wonder of "Kusheri!"

You'll need:

A can of tomatoes

about a mug full of rice and the same of macaronni (or whatever pasta you've got left)

1 - 2  onions, sliced

Spices,if you have them I'd recommend paprika/ smoked paprika, chilli, or just a goodly amount of black pepper if its all you've got.

You'll need to:

Get a pan of water on the boil and get the rice and pasta on the go.  Fry the onion until it begins to brown and softens. Heat the tomatoes and stir in the spices.  When the pasta and rice are done, serve them together, pour over the tomatoes and top with the onion. Yup, thats all folks!

So, you could argue that this is so ridiculously simple that it hardly warrants being a recipe. True I suppose, but how many people would think of it? They sell this by the bowlful almost everywhere in Egypt, it seems to be one of their equivalents of fast food.

Again the key is experiment, see what works with it. Apparently it's really good with grilled chicken or fish too. It's simple, easy, quick, cheap and filling. Just what us starving artists need.  

'Til next time, enjoy

Karen and Rich

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