Twig Heart

I loved making this.  It was super quick and the end result was just lovely.  I've made a few of these and given them as gifts which have delighted friends and family.  They look lovely hanging from a door or standing on a shelf.

Materials Needed:

* dogwood or hazel twigs
* new shoots
* florist wire
* secateurs
* raphia

Cut your twigs and try to use them soon after you cut them as they will be more supple that way and less likely to break.  Dependent on how large you wish your heart to be, cut 10 equal lengths of your twigs.

1.  Take 5 of the twigs and bend them into a U-shape, taking care they do not break.  Do the same with the other 5 twigs.


2.  Hold the 2 bunches of twigs perpendicular to create a heart shape.  Attach the areas where the twigs cross over with the florist wire.



3.  Close up the heart at the bottom with the florist wire.  Once the heart is well formed, you can re-inforce the different points with more wire.


4.  Add the young shoots to the heart to bulk it out and attach with the wire in the same areas as before.

5.  To finish, hide the wire with raphia so that it is completely covered.

Have fun!


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